Siri Kusch


© Siri Kusch 2013

In her poetry and prose Siri Kusch describes and analyzes life around her in a critical but humorous way. Through her magnifying glass she takes a close look at the diverse cultures of various stages of her life - Holland and the Harz Mountains, Swabia and Switzerland, England and the Rhineland, Frankfurt and France, and last but not least Berlin and Miami. Her multilingualism helps her to detect and love linguistic beauties and oddities.

Her poems and short stories appeared in anthologies and poetry magazines in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. Three times in a row she was a finalist at the Literary Contest of the ‚Bezirk Schwaben‘. She received awards at the literature competitions of ’PragMagisch‘ (Prague, 2011), ‘Der Duft des Doppelpunktes‘ (Vienna, 2011) and Landschreiber (Muenster, 2013 and 2015). Her first volume of poetry was published in 2015 by Verlag Rote Zahlen and will soon be available in Braille, too.